Nouveau Colombier´s teaching staff is specialized in the three currents that inspire its pioneer methodology: Marcel Marceau, Jacques Lecoq, Etienne Decroux, the three masters par excellence of mime and theatre of gesture of the twentieth century. To this training, teachers incorporate many other currents and present-day emerging disciplines in order to offer a twenty-first century pedagogy, which delves into the world of physical theatre and which this school defines as the theatre of gesture.

Nouveau Colombier´s staff consists of a group of artists, professionally active, who have been researching for 20 years about the theatre of gesture; specialists trained in renowned international centres under the guidance of internationally recognized masters who recognized teachers in Nouveau Colombier worthy of continuing with their  the work. Each teacher not only develops his theories and methodological specialties with great passion, but researches and puts together the different points of connection between the various currents that shape his pedagogy.






He is one of Marcel Marceau´s direct disciples. His training assimilates the points of view and methods of E. Decroux and J. Lecoq. He is the director of Nouveau Colombier and teaches Mime, Mask, Acting and Creation. He worked as a teacher in the RESAD (Spain’s Royal School for Dramatic Arts), the ESADT (Theatre School of Torrelodones attached to the University of Kent), the Bachelor of Performing Arts at Nebrija University, etc. Mime artist, actor, clown, stage director, creator and director of the international theatre company Mimox Teatro.



Marcel Marceau´s disciple too, he bases his work on the points of view and methods of E. Decroux and J. Lecoq. He teaches Game, Mask and Creation in Nouveau Colombier. Actor, mime, juggler and creator, with broad experience in stage and technical direction and one of the founders of the international theatre company Mimox Teatro.